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( Viliya Environnement Chemical Technology Co., LTD )

Engaged in environmental pollution control, sewage treatment pharmaceutical research and development and production of companies

Branch Company:Jiangmen Lvmai Environmental Protection Co., LTD., Jiangmen Yuexin Economic and Trade Co., LTD

Jiangmen Viliqingya Chemical Co., LTD. -- predecessor (Viliya Environnement Chemical Technology Co., LTD., Jiangmen Jianghai District) is an environmental protection company engaged in environmental pollution control, research, development and production of wastewater treatment agents.Not only engaged in environmental protection engineering design (domestic wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, reuse water treatment) landfill leachate treatment, river pollution, river repair, rural sewage treatment;But also domestic and foreign sewage treatment pharmaceutical research and development, production, marketing enterprises.We have pharmaceutical production, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, technical services, installation debugging, operation management and other one-stop services.
       In addition, our company in recent years for high concentration, high color and other difficult treatment of wastewater research and development, the formulation of a variety of targeted, ideal treatment effect of low-cost water purification agents, products have been welcomed by users in all industries.


Undertake environmental engineering design, construction and operation management


Research and development, production and marketing of wastewater treatment agents


Provide microbiological products and technical services

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